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Below is a complete list of courses being offered in the Department of Information Science for the upcoming academic year. Some courses that are not currently being offered may be listed.
Course # Course Title Instructor Website
INFO 1300 Introductory Design and Programming for the Web Introduction to Web Design and Programming Piazza Website
INFO 2040 Networks David Easley, Éva Tardos Networks Course Website
INFO 2450 Communication and Technology
INFO 2750 Ethical Issues in Intelligent Autonomous Systems: Robot Ethics
INFO 3350 Text Mining History and Literature David Mimno
INFO 3450 Human-Computer Interaction Design Gilly Leshed
INFO 3460 Crowds, Communities, and Technology Gilly Leshed
INFO 3660 History and Theory of Digital Art
INFO 4130 Health and Computation Tanzeem Choudhury
INFO 4154 Analytics-driven Game Design
INFO 4200 Information Policy: Research, Analysis, and Design Steven Jackson
INFO 4240 Designing Technologies for Social Impact INFO 4240 Website
INFO 4250 Surveillance and Privacy Karen Levy
INFO 4320 Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing François Guimbretière
INFO 4430 Teams and Technology Malte Jung
INFO 4900 Independent Reading and Research
INFO 4910 Teaching in Information Science, Systems, and Technology
INFO 4940 Special Topics in Information Science
INFO 5900 MPS Project
INFO 6030 Language Processing for Computational Social Science Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil
INFO 6130 Health and Computation Tanzeem Choudhury
INFO 6230 Games, Economic Behavior, and the Internet Arpita Ghosh Course Website for Games, Economic Behavior, and the Internet
INFO 6260 Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Foundations for formal analysis and design. Arpita Ghosh
INFO 6310 Behavior and Information Technology
INFO 6710 Revolutions of the Mind: Media, Technology, and Epistemological Change
INFO 6742 Natural Language Processing and Social Interaction Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil
INFO 6850 The Structure of Information Networks Jon Kleinberg
INFO 6940 Special Topics in Information Science
INFO 7050 Graduate Seminar
INFO 7090 IS Colloquium
INFO 7900 Independent Research
INFO 9900 Thesis Research