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The Information Science department at Cornell offers two graduate programs, an MPS and a PhD program, offering students two different tracks for deeper study. The Masters in Professional Studies program is a one-year program that prepares students for work in industry while the PhD program involves years of intensive study and research, preparing students for either industry or academic jobs.

The department of Information Science at Cornell University offers two graduate programs that give students two distinct approaches for deeper study into the problems of the field: the one-year Masters in Professional Studies program and the PhD program.

Digital technologies have become pervasive in our culture dramatically changing the way people work and live. The proliferation and significance of these complex technological systems of information demand a new focus in academic scholarship - one committed to cross-disciplinary study. In Cornell's Information Science department, our focus is on studying the design and use of information systems in a social context. The creation, representation, organization, application, and analysis of information in digital forms all come under the microscope here.

Our two graduate programs allow for a deeper study of the problems of Information Science but from very different approaches. The Masters in Professional Studies (MPS) degree is a one-year, intensive program where students are taking five courses a semester and working on hands-on projects that directly apply the knowledge they are gaining in class. The PhD program is typical of academic graduate programs in that students are expected to dedicate several years to studying, researching and writing on topics related to the field, with original research and a dissertation the end result.

For more information on the two graduate programs, please see the individual degree pages for each:

You can also direct questions to our Graduate Field Assistant, Barbara Warner, by email or phone, 607-254-5347, or you may email the Director of Graduate Studies or MPS Director