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Wendy Ju

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest

Interaction with Automation, Interaction Design Research, Human Robot Interaction, Automotive Interaction Design


Dr. Wendy Ju will be an Assistant Professor at Cornell Tech in the Information Science program. Dr. Ju comes to Cornell Tech from the Center for Design Research at Stanford University, where she was Executive Director of Interaction Design Research, and from the California College of the Arts, where she was an  Associate Professor of Interaction Design in the Design MFA program. Her work in the areas of human-robot interaction and automated vehicle interfaces highlights the ways that interactive devices can communicate and engage people without interrupting or intruding. Dr. Ju has innovated numerous methods for early-stage prototyping of automated systems to understand how people will respond to systems before the systems are built. She has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, and a Master’s in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT. Her monograph on The Design of Implicit Interactions was published in 2015. 


Pettersson, I., Ju, W. Design Techniques for Exploring Automotive Interaction in the Drive towards Automation. In Designing Interactive Systems 2017. June 10-14, 2017. Edinburgh, Scotland.
Martelaro, N., Ju, W. WoZ Way: Enabling real-time remote interaction prototyping & observation in on-road vehicles. CSCW 2017. Feb 25-March 1, 2017. Portland, OR. Best Demonstration.

Miller, D., Sun, A., Johns, M., Ive, H.P., Sirkin, D., Aich, S., Ju, W. Distraction Becomes Engagement in Automated Driving. Proceedings of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 2015 International Annual Meeting. Los Angeles, October 26-30, 2015. Best Student Paper Award, Surface Transportation

Mok, B., Yang, S., Sirkin, D., Ju, W. A Place for Every Tool and Every Tool in Its Place: Performing Collaborative Tasks with Interactive Robotic Drawers. Proceedings of Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2015). August 31-September 3, 2015. Kobe, Japan.

Sirkin, D., Mok, B., Yang, S. & Ju, W. Mechanical Ottoman: How Robotic Furniture Offers and Withdraws Support Proceedings of Human-Robot Interaction'15 March 2-5, 2015. Portland OR. Best Demonstration Award.