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Akane Sano

Visiting Scientist

Areas of Interest

Mobile Health, Affective Computing, Stress, Mental Health, Sleep


Akane Sano is a Visiting Scientist at People-Aware Computing Lab at Cornell University and a Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab, Affective Computing Group. She will be joining Rice University as an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and of Computer Science in July 2018. 

Her research focuses on mobile health and affective computing. She has been working on measuring and understanding stress, sleep, mood and performance from ambulatory human long-term data and designing intervention systems to help people be aware of their behaviors and improve their health conditions. She completed her PhD at the MIT Media Lab in 2015. Before she came to MIT, she worked for Sony Corporation as a researcher and software engineer on wearable computing, human computer interaction and personal health care. 


For a full publication, please see here.

A. Sano, P. Johns, M. Czerwinski, Designing Just-in-time Stress Intervention Delivery using Multi-modal Data, Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII), October 2017.

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A. Sano, A. J. Phillips, A. Z. Yu, A. W. McHill, S. Taylor, N. Jaques, C. A. Czeisler, E. B. Klerman, R. W. Picard, Recognizing Academic Performance, Sleep Quality, Stress Level, and Mental Health using Personality Traits, Wearable Sensors and Mobile Phones, Body Sensor Networks, Cambridge, USA, June 2015.

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