Cornell University
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Elizabeth Murnane

Postdoctoral Associate

Areas of Interest

human-computer interaction, personal informatics, recommender systems, social computing, personalization


Elizabeth received her PhD in 2017 from Cornell's Information Science department. She was supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; and her committee was composed of Professors Dan Cosley, Geri Gay, and Claire Cardie. Her dissertation was entitled "A Framework for Domain-Driven Development of Personal Health Informatics Technologies". After defending, Elizabeth transitioned into her current role as a Postdoctoral Associate, continuing to do research that explores her overarching goal of designing and deploying interactive technologies that are aware of idiosyncratic user needs and that support people in managing various aspects of their daily lives. She is particularly compelled by applications in the domains of personal information management, civic innovation, and health. Many of Elizabeth’s current projects are focused on developing novel mediums for manually collecting personal data, lightweight algorithms for passive sensing and user modeling, and interfaces that provide tailored feedback and experiences.

Before coming to Cornell, Elizabeth co-founded and spent four years as the lead engineer of an MIT CSAIL spin-off that built interactive visualization tools to help software developers make sense of and share important aspects of source code. Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Computer Science in 2007 from MIT.

More detailed information about Elizabeth is available from her website or her CV.