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Steven Mohlke



Steve Mohlke is the owner of KnowledgeTown a web development company in Ithaca, NY. Whether developing sites for whole departments, such as Cornell’s Department of Music, or faculty members, such as Craig Fennie and Richard Robinson, Steve takes care to make administration easy for those responsible while effectively delivering the message.  Steve regularly integrates the WordPress Content Management System with other technologies such as allowing Cornell’s Institutional Research and Planning to use interactive Tableau Visuals and in connecting the Ricefield Collective’s site with the Shopify shopping cart.

Steve developed custom desktop databases that serve core functions for Ithaca businesses such as Acorn Designs, Graceful Gardens and Serviente Glass Studios.  He also developed TRiDaBASE: A stand-alone database for storage, analysis and exchange of dendrochronological metadata to facilitate data exchange among dendrochronologists.