Cornell University
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Ethics and Policy in Data Science

Fall. 3 credits. Student option grading.

S. Barocas.

Course will teach students to recognize where and why ethical issues arise applying data science to real world problems. The unique implications for privacy, how to assess decision fairness, and how to evaluate consequences will be addressed.  Students will consider ethical obligations to those in both the analytic process and those to whom the lessons are later applied. Strategies will be introduced to think critically about planning, executing, and evaluating a project with these concerns in mind.  Fluency in key technical, ethical, policy, and legal terms and concepts, and common approaches for mitigating/managing ethical concerns, will be developed. By exposing students to a variety of policy documents that specifically address data science, students will learn to understand the current regulatory environment and anticipate future developments. Ultimately, students will learn to reason through problems systematically and be able to justify and defend their approach.